Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dress Like An Alchemist 13

From the Zurich Aurora Consurgens. You can also find these images in the Dress Like An Alchemist Flickr album.


  1. Dress like an alchemist? Wow. Someone should tag those as NetNarr for the five card flickr stories ...

    1. I just tagged some of my favorites. Somebody shared a Ripley Scroll image at Twitter yesterday with #DressLikeAnAlchemist as a the tag and that got me thinking how fun it would be to look through the books I had already connected for images like that. I have more to come too. This was so much fun to do last night while bingewatching some Netflix. Pix and flix. :-)

  2. This is that same Aurora Consurgens that I discovered thanks to you (dawn! aurora!) ... some details in that other post: Aurora Consurgens.