Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Library. Maier. Scrutinium Chymicum (= Atalanta Fugiens)

Title: Scrutinium Chymicum = A Chemical Investigation
Secretioris naturae secretorum scrutinium chymicum : per oculis et intellectui accuratè accommodata, figuris cupro appositissimè incisa, ingeniosissima emblemata, hisque confines, & ad rem egregiè facientes sententias, doctissimaque item epigrammata, illustratum
Author: Michael Maier (Wikipedia)
Edition: 1687
Online Source: Hathi Trust

This is a later edition of the Atalanta Fugiens (notably without the music!), and it is the nicest printed and scanned edition that I have found online. I have been working through the emblems one by one, and now that I found this lovely edition, I decided to make an animated gif of the pages with all 50 emblems:

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