Saturday, January 14, 2017

Some Alchemical Goals

Eeeek. The winter break is over, melted away like the snow, and leaving not a trace behind. Modern alchemy: I need to find a philosopher's stone that will create TIME, not gold. But by exploring some alchemy over the break, I realized that there are SO MANY BOOKS online that are potentially of interest, and I also fell in love with Maier's Atalanta fugiens, with its emblems, music, poetry, and commentary.

And what to do now? I need to set some kind of personal goal for this NetNarr experiment, or else I will lose my bearings. But it needs to be a really simple goal. REALLY simple. Because I am going to be so crazy-busy with school and also with the emergent NetNarr which I cannot quite imagine yet.

So, I think my goal will be this: each week, I will try to write up at least one emblem from Atalanta fugiens, and each day I will write up a blog entry listing some book online. I may not have a lot to say about the book... but I can at least blog and bookmark them for future reference.

That, anyway, is the plan. Let's see how it works next week when all the wildness of the new semester is unleashed.

I am ... cautiously optimistic.


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